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The Louisville Legends organization mission is very simple, create a growth environment that is player focused allowing players to become the best version of themselves.

In a growth environment, players are not only growing athletically but mentally and socially. Our environment is positive and challenges players daily. Growth happens through positive coaching, fundamentally focused, and focus on individual players developing their overall skill set.

 With our youth teams, our goal is to make them well rounded with the ability to play multiple defensive positions and acquire certain offensive skills to make them the best player they can be. We want our players to be prepared to play at the high school level.

 With our college preparatory program, our goal is to help find the best fit for each player at the college level. In order to accomplish this goal, we give each player an Individual Player Development Program (IPDP). The IPDP focuses on a player’s strengths and weaknesses and gives them a road map on how to achieve their goals.

With this mission, we feel we can grow baseball at the grassroots level in the Ohio Valley region and prepare young men for the future.


The Legends baseball organization will provide the Kentuckiana area with an unprecedented athletic environment that will:

  • Present a program which shapes character and creates role models
  • Positively impact an athlete’s mental and physical growth to help them succeed in the future
  • Develop baseball players into great athlete’s by offering a complete athletic program
  • Use the best baseball instructors and coaches to develop consistent fundamental baseball training


In order to fulfill our mission, we strive to help our players develop to their maximum potential as well as provide them opportunities to showcase their abilities to college coaches and recruiters. We support their development by providing professional coaching and instruction as well as discounted access to strength and agility coaches, academic advisors, and professional instructors (hitting, pitching, and fielding). 

We are not a typical “travel ball” team or organization. If players and their families are committed to fulfilling their obligations, they will receive the same treatment from the organization. Ultimately, every decision will be made with equal weight given to what is best for the player and what is best for the organization. We do not want to put young athletes into situations where they are set up for failure.


Each member is here to serve the organization and its families. It is our belief that each person is in the best position to benefit the entire organization in the greatest way possible. Members include:

President: Jayson Brunstetter 502-931-2410

Ryan Wheat 502-544-1397 –

Matt Wilson 502-744-2221 –

Kevin Judd 502-599-3783 –

Rob Partin 502-645-5852 –

Drew Graeter 502-216-5147 –

Kyle Mulrooney 502-639-9720 –

Rick Arnold 502-744-7153 –

Spencer Graeter 502-296-5170 –

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