Legends Sports Academy has three main portions for player development:

  1. Hitter & positional player development
  2. Pitcher development
  3. Strength & conditioning training – Eric Hammer (Norton Sports Performance)

Our hitting and fielding facilities include:

  1. HitTrax Machine, a real-time data and simulation software
  2. Two Iron Mike (self feeding) Pitching Machines capable of throwing 30-70mph
  3. Three Pitching Wheels
  4. Atec War Machine (60-95+mph)
  5. Atec Casey Pro (60-95+mph, as well as off speed pitches)
  6. Jugs Pitching Wheel (20-55mph)

We have a limited selection of used helmets and bats, but we recommend players bring their own equipment as we cannot guarantee the correct personal fit from our used selection.

Our pitcher development facilities include:

  1. Legends arm development & throwing program (call for information)
  2. Rhapsodo – a real-time data software that tracks ball spin, trajectory, speed, and much more
  3. Pocket Radar Pro Radar System with Smart Display
  4. Three Portable Mounds
  5. Two Pitchers Pockets
  6. Long Toss Net
  7. One Pro Mound & Pro Model Designated Hitter to simulate at-bats

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